Movies Worse Than "Fury Road"

Onward – Review

I had a creeping suspicion midway through Onward: there’s no reason this movie had to be set in a fantasy world, and the plot would have worked exactly as well in, say, the middle of Illinois. This is disappointing both as a regular Pixar attendee and an utter sucker for the fantastic, but it’s true; […]

Emma – Review

You’re likely not alone if you’ve never heard of Emma, a much-adapted but lesser-known and underpraised Jane Austen novel about someone she described as “a heroine whom no one but myself will much like.” I suspect that only diehard Austen fans or big nerds had much foreknowledge of this particular piece, but as a member […]

The Invisible Man – Review

Hey, remember the Dark Universe? Back in 2017, when Universal Pictures tried to do the Marvel thing to its many classic movie monsters and give them a shared universe to fight and be fought in? And which, much like its supposed jumpstarter, The Mummy, was dead on arrival? Remember that? No? Good. You, like me, […]